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When you’re competing against thousands of other applicants vying for the same job as yours, it pays to have an engaging social media presence. The more senior the position you’re applying for or the broader the outward-facing position, the more imperative it is that you don’t just have a social media presence but an active and engaging one. And, regardless of the degree or kind of job you’re seeking, simply lacking any social media presence is a sure-fire red flag that could cause very quickly-with the click of a button-drive your resume straight to the dustbin. But for those who are fortunate enough to have the good fortune of hiring, this is one problem that’s easier to manage than those without any social media presence.

So how do you boost brand awareness without a social media presence? There’s no substitute for face-to-face contact in an era when social media is just about being online. However, although it can’t hurt to have a website or blog, you can help to increase your company’s social media presence by doing a few things:

Create a blog or profile that covers your area of expertise, but also creates a space where you can meet your target audience. If you’re an author, create a page on your website that offers reviews of your own work. If you’re an artist or craftsperson, post some of your art or works on your social media page. In both cases, your readers will be able to interact with your work and to find out about you and your work-and even become fans.

Participate in forums and discussions on popular platforms. These platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, allow you to reach a global audience and can connect you to potential customers and followers from around the world. Use these platforms to engage your audience. Offer quality and interesting content that allow your followers to connect to you, and then invite them to “like” your page. Encourage interaction; don’t delete replies or follow users who stop following you.

Engage your audience. Whether it’s through a blog, video, or social media presence, engage your audience. Share creative content, offer useful tips, and respond to queries promptly. Keep your followers informed about your brand, products, and services. As you build your social media presence and connect with more followers, you’ll notice that they start to recognize your brand and get to know what kind of things you’re offering.

If you are already on social media sites, make it a goal to engage your audience. Answer questions, create profiles for your business, and participate in discussions. By engaging with your audience, you will not only build trust with them, but also encourage them to engage with you as well. When your followers are comfortable with you and feel like you really do listen to them and care about their opinions, they’ll tell others, spreading the word about your business.

So, what is social media presence? Social media platforms are varied and offer the means and methods for you to engage with your audience. While these platforms may differ, there are some core aspects that remain the same. In short, if you want to increase brand awareness among your audience, you must engage with them. You should engage in discussion, answer questions, and spread information about your brand.

How to Build a Social Media Presence
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