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Church of God Sharing Village Office!

OFFICE MOVING TIME -  One week to find equipment, construct some furniture, "dress and keep it" in time for the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread 2009. If we want something done, we've got to do it!

SHARING VILLAGE OFFICE - The Church of God Sharing Village has its first real office space! In the midst of scarcity, who would think this would be the door the Almighty God would open for us? It wasn’t even the one Raul and Vivian Hipe intended to inspect, that morning they decided they were going to take the day off from work demands. “Let’s look for a [church] office...,” Vivian said, and there it was, across the street from the building in the newspaper ad... We had hit the streets before, in Manila, in Pasay, in Quezon City, but none of those places opened with the same favour and ease with which the LORD God provided this one...

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