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Where Do Women Fit in the Church?


The pivotal role of this woman in Sabbatarianism has been largely ignored and perhaps even suppressed by the Church of God organizations with preconceived notions of church eras. Most of the organizations tend to look at the Seventh Day Baptists as their spiritual progenitor. Yet the Sabbath was not brought to the Adventists as a result of the efforts of that Baptist denomination, whose candlestick was then supposedly extinguished, but through the personal evangelism of Rachel Oaks. Since the 1970s, a great deal of scholarship has been dedicated to determining how women fit into the primitive church. It’s time to put our traditional view of women to the test and to see if our practices rest on a solid understanding of the Scriptures.. Click on the link/title to read Where Do Women Fit in the Church?

Understanding the Minor Prophets


We always want to get a better understanding of prophecy. Prophecy always attracts a lot of interest, because it holds the prospect of knowing what will happen in the future. So without going into too many details, here are some points of general information that should help to get a clearer perspective when we read the books making up the Minor Prophets. Click on the link to read or download Understanding the Minor Prophets

Starting a Local Congregation


What can brethren do when they want to fellowship with others, but cannot find a congregation Biblically acceptable to them? Can you establish one with no "credentials" or previous experience?This booklet is a practical guide for a group of people who want to establish a new congregation--with a weekly service as its focal point. A congregation is a group of believers that worship and work together to serve God--a part of the greater body of Christ. This is primarily a "how to set it up" paper for people who want to form a congregation--from two or three people (Matt 18:20) to several hundred. Methods for evangelizing new members are covered, but not as the primary focus. Click on the link/title to read or download Starting a Local Congregation

The Book of Job


There is a great deal of confusion about the real meaning and significance of the Book of Job, and even about the identity of the man Job himself. But this book was intended by God to give us some vital insights, which are usually missed by most people. The most commonly heard view in the churches of God is that Job had an enormous problem with self-righteousness, and that God allowed all the problems to come upon Job in order to force Job to confront his selfrighteousness, and to deal with it. Apparently even Job's three friends could not get Job to face up to his self-righteousness, and it required God's direct intervention to eventually get Job to see what his real problem had been all along. Click on the link to read The Real Significance of the Book of Job

How Do We Give to the Eternal?


Today, we live in a money-economy. Nearly all essential goods and services are available for the right amount of money. If we want to give somebody something, but we are not sure what they need, we often give money. It is only natural that we give money to do the work of the Eternal. But what does the Bible say on the subject? How do the Old Testament principles of "tithing" relate to today? How was the work our Savior and His disciples financed in the New Testament? We do not find an exhaustive answer to these questions, but there are many strong indications. Since the mission of the ekklesia (the church) is essentially the same as it was in the first century, we feel the place to begin this study is in the New Testament. Click on the link to read or download How Do We Give to the Eternal?

Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?


Does it make any difference WHICH day we observe - or whether we keep it? Does the Bible establish SUNDAY as the LORD'S DAY? Was the Sabbath given for the Jewish people only - while Christians are commanded to keep SUNDAY as the LORD'S DAY? Few take it seriously - but that does not disprove or dismiss the challenge. Have YOU ever seriously looked into this question? Click on the title/link to read Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?

Beware of Bitterness


Throughout the Church’s history there have always been some people who have become disenchanted with the Church, people who have lost interest and then left the Church. The reasons why people left the Church are varied, and those reasons are not important for our purposes here. But in the process of leaving the Church quite a number of those who left became bitter; bitter towards the Church, towards the ministry of the Church, and towards the teachings of the Church. We have also had the situation where people in the Church have become bitter over something or other, but they have chosen to remain in the Church of God in spite of their bitterness. And so they remain amongst us. Click on the title/link to read Beware of Bitterness

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