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America and Britain in Prophecy


Does it really matter who "Israel" is today? Yes! The knowledge of Israel's modern identity is proof that the Bible is true--that it is, in fact, the inspired, infallible Word of God--and that God can be trusted completely. Additionally, this wonderful understanding will bring the panorama of end-time prophecy into focus, as the vast majority of Bible prophecy revolves around "Israel" in the end time. So knowing who Israel is today is the major key to unlocking most of the prophecies given in God's Word. Thus, the identity question really IS important! Click on the link/title to read or download America and Britain in Prophecy

Is the Bible the Word of God?


Is the Bible the infallible word of an Almighty God, as fundamentalist Christians believe?  Or is the Bible a collection of Hebrew myths and legends, as atheists and agnostics allege?  Do you believe in the Bible by faith alone, trusting that the faith of your parents was correct?  Is there any way to prove the Bible is the word of God instead of the Islamic holy book, the Quran (Koran)?  Does historical and archeological evidence favor the Bible, or are they against it?  Can the Bible's inspiration be proven by human reason?  Does God allow us to believe in any religion we want, because "all ways lead to God"? Click on the link/title to read or download Is the Bible the Word of God?

The Seven Festivals of the Messiah


One of the most fascinating and yet probably one of the least understood topics in the Bible is that of the feasts found in Leviticus 23. This book, step by step, examines each festival for the foundational truths God wants us to learn through them. These festivals prophetically speak of the first and second comings of Jesus (Yeshua) as well as provide tremendous insight into the Christian life and our personal relationship with God. This book will even answer the Jews' question: "Is Jesus (Yeshua) the long-awaited Messiah (Mashiach) of Israel?" Click on the link to read or download The Seven Festivals of the Messiah

The Amazing Seven-Day Cycles


By surprise, science has discovered amazing seven-day cycles in the very building blocks of plant and animal life. These newly found sevens, or "septans," also lie buried in us humans -- deep in our metabolic, hormonal, and neuronal networks. This startling discovery has wide-ranging effects that you will want to understand. The following article explores those effects by answering three questions. First, does the formerly unknown, automatic rhythm of sevens hold the secret to one of history's most perplexing enigmas --the origin of the seven day week? Click on the link to read or download The Amazing Seven-Day Cycle

A Critical History of Sabbath and Sunday in the Christian Church

his-sab-sunA Critical History of Sabbath and Sunday in the Christian Church

Introduction: History is an organic development. The phenomena which appear on the surface are the result of underlying principles, true or false. Nothing in history comes by chance. If human choices did not lead men to disobedience of God's laws, and to disregard for truth, there would be no discord, but rather a continuous, straight forward advancement. What men call the power of truth, the logic of events and the guiding hand of Providence, is but another way of saying that truth - God's eternal ideas concerning right and wrong is stronger than all human choices, and will ultimately prevail...Read more of download by clicking the link provided above!

Is Judaism the Religion of Moses?

moses-judaismIs Judaism the Religion of Moses?

Introduction: How much do you know about the Jewish sects mentioned in your New Testament -- the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, and the Herodians and Zealots? Were they all really God's Old Testament Church? People assume that Judaism is the religion of Moses–that Jesus brought a message opposed to the Old Testament–that He came to nullify the teaching of Moses. It is taken for granted that the New Testament presents a Gentile religion and that the Old Testament teaches Judaism..! Please click on the link to read or dowload an ebook in pdf!

Church of God in Transylvania During the Middle Ages (1588-1623)

cog-transylvaniaThe Beliefs and Practices of the Church of God in Transylvania During the Middle Ages (1588-1623)

Introduction: The suitable conditions prevalent in Transylvania resulted not only in God's Church flourishing; it allowed other religious movements to plant and cultivate their particular brands of Christianity, based partly on true Biblical doctrines and partly on man-made ideas and human interpretations. It was an exciting time. Men began to respect each other's religious beliefs again. Religious bias and prejudice were temporarily shoved into the background...Please click on the link to read or download an ebook in pdf!

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