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King James Translation Errors


We use the King James Version as our main study Bible. Why the King James? Because all the major Bible aides are based on the KJV. We have documented KJV translation errors and have marked them in our Bible. Newer versions are often not as faithful to the original text. We use the King James Version exclusively as our main study Bible, only using other translations to aid study of certain passages, to get another perspective. The fact that modern versions slavishly depend on the Egyptian and Vatican corruptions of the New Testament should make us avoid them as a "main Bible" Click on the link to read King James Translation Errors

Numbers and the Universe


There can be neither works nor words without numbers. We can understand how man can act and speak without design or significance, but we cannot imagine that the great Creator could either work or speak without both His words and His works being absolutely perfect in every way. God's words and work are both perfect in power, perfect in holiness and righteousness, perfect in design, perfect in execution, perfect in their object and end, and, may we not say, perfect in number...Click on the link to read How Were Numbers Used to Design God's Creation

Understanding the Writings of Solomon

 writings-solomonThree Books of the Bible were written by Solomon ... Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon. All three books are certainly a part of the inspired canon of the Bible. They are books that God WANTS us to have access to; they have God's approval for being included in HIS Word, the Bible. They must in some way all serve in at least one of the following four ways: as doctrine or as reproof or as correction or as instruction in righteousness, so that "the man of God" may be properly equipped to live a godly life. Yet these three Books do differ in certain ways from other Books of the Bible. Let's take a closer look at them. Click on the link to read Understanding the Writings of Solomon

Understanding Ecclesiastes


The Book of Ecclesiastes is in many ways very different from every other book of the Bible. I mention this because Ecclesiastes is in many ways an enigmatic book,liberally sprinkled with contradictions. Unless we understand exactly what it is that God is trying to show us, we can easily misunderstand the purpose of this book. Click on the link to read/study Understanding Ecclesiastes: Lessons Learned Under the Sun

Sabbatarian Youth--What is their Future?


Christian parents hope that their children will come to love and follow God—and attend the same kind of congregation that they do. But a large percentage of Church of God young people do not follow their parents’ beliefs. Click on the link to read Sabbatarian Youth--What is their Future?

The Tithe in Scripture


Tithing is a foundational act of worship. Biblical Tithing laws are applicable to Messianic believers today. However, many false ministers have abused the Tithing System to make themselves rich, lording it over the flock by coercing them to "pay and pray and stay and obey." The individual tithe-paying person has a moral responsibility to make sure that the tithes are properly spent, with accountability, and full disclosure. Re-publication of this comprehensive study of Tithing is a challenge to both Church elders and Church members to live up to the Divine requirement of Tithing. Click on the link/title to read or download for your study The Tithe in Scripture

All About the Covenants

all covenants

Does the New Covenant abolish God's Law? Should Christians keep the Ten Commandments, or should they observe New Testament principles only? Are God's Holy Days obsolete? What is the relationship between the Old and New Covenants? Did Christ redeem us from the Old Covenant? Why did He establish the New? This article will explain what the Bible says about the covenants! Click on the link/title to read or download All About the Covenants

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