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Times of Refreshing: Biblical Holy Days


This Panorama article gives a brief, sweeping summary of how all of these observances fit into a pattern pointing to God's great Plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ. In modern times, many Christians have come to the conviction that these special times were not just reserved by God to be observed by Jews. They have deep and profound spiritual significance to Christians also. Thus many Christians have begun observing these days as times of spiritual worship and special celebrations. They also have created new ways to observe these three annual Feasts and seven annual Holy Days. Click on the link to read Times of Refreshing: Observance of Biblical Sabbath, Feasts, and Holy Days

God's Sabbath in the Early Church


What did the first Christians believe about the Jewish Sabbath day? Now when I speak of the first Christians, I'm talking about those Christians who were alive and working while the New Testament was being written. I'm not including second century Christians as among the first Christians. I'm talking about Peter, James and John, Aquila and Priscilla, Paul, Apollos, and the entire leadership and membership of the Christian community while the New Testament was being written. What did those people think about the Sabbath day? Click to the link to read or download God's Sabbath in the Early Church

Biblical Eldership


Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership This book was aimed primarily at churches that practice eldership but may misconstrue its true biblical Christian character and mandate. This booklet briefly summarizes Biblical Eldership. Hopefully it will whet your appetite to read the entire book, but more important, it will motivate you to study further the biblical teaching on eldership. Precious truths, no doubt, still await discovery. Click on the title to read or download.

The Resurrection - Hope of Mankind


What is mankind's true hope? Is it an immortal existence in heaven — looking on God's face throughout eternity? Or is the hope of the Christian a resurrection to eternal life—and rulership in the Kingdom of God through endless ages? Why should there be so many different ideas regarding man's afterlife? Why should there be such a state of confusion regarding what the reward of the Christian really is? Click on the link to read or download The Resurrection-The Hope of Mankind

Law & Covenant


What lies beyond understanding and knowing God? There we find a relationship with God, a covenant. The archetype of all covenants in the Bible is the covenant God made with a man named Abraham. Later, God would make a covenant with a nation of people, Israel. Still later, Jesus would make a New Covenant with his disciples. In the pages that follow, we will follow these ideas and see where they take us. We may not follow a straight line, because that is not always the way understanding comes. Abraham did not know what Moses came to know. And neither of them knew what Jesus revealed to his disciples. And then there was Paul.. Click on the link to read for your personal study Law & Covenant

Primer on Gifts and Governance Vol 2


One of the major controversies that spring up in churches and among believers revolves around how the church is to be governed or lead. Aside from the opinions of men, what does the Bible itself have to say about this subject? Let's take a look at what the Bible says about rule, authority and "church government"...Click on the link to read or download Primer on Gifts and Governance Vol2

Primer on Gifts and Governance


What often happens in a congregation is that someone, or a small group of people, gain control of the congregation; they hire a pastor, they select elders, they appoint deacons, they may establish a board, and before you know it there is human control and human management. Men and women have selected their new leaders; or the new leaders are simply appointed by the resident hierarchy. How leaders are selected depends on the traditions of the congregation. Folks generally pray about their selections, they even ask God to make the selections for them, but the reality is that these are still very human choices because they are made by mere men and women...Click on the link to read Primer on Gifts and Governance

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