Weekly Sabbath Assembly

Counting by GOD’s Time

counting_timeMeditating on the crucialness of God’s time in the journey of every disciple, Raul & Vivian Hipe composed the following for the Sabbath Interactive Bible Study...

“During this period of our counting to Pentecost there is one element that plays a very significant part—TIME. And there are at least seven (7) major ways/activities the Scriptures tell us regarding how to properly count/ use/ handle time:

• Time to grow (mature) :: 1 Peter 2:2; Hebrews 5:12; Hebrews 6:1
• Time of harvest (increase) :: Luke 10:2; John 4:35; 1 Corinthians 3:6
• Time to awake (seek the LORD) :: Romans 13:11; Hosea 10:12
• Redeeming the time :: Ephesians 5:16; Colossians 4:5
• Sanctifying time :: Genesis 2:2; Leviticus 23:3; Hebrews 4:9-11
• Time of trouble :: Job 38:23; Psalms 41:1
• Time of refreshing (restitution) :: Acts 3:19-21

Based on the above criteria and your own experience from last year’s Pentecost up to now, please tell us some of the lessons you gained from experiencing these “times”. Cite Biblical verses to support your answer.”

Click on any of the links below to listen to or download MP3 excerpts from the Interactive Bible Study on the Sabbath of May 28, 2011...

Interactive Bible Study introduction...

Time of trouble; Time of refreshing... —Mrs. Marissa Flores
Sanctifying time... —Ramon Fernandez
Time to grow...—Ralph Hipe
Time of harvest... —Justine Mencias
Time to grow mature; Redeeming the time... —Mrs. Priscilla Cardona
Time to awake; Redeeming the time... —Mr. Raul de Asis-Hipe

Time to awake; Time of trouble... —Ms. Cecilia Constantino
Time to grow (mature); —Mr. Gilbert Deboma; Mrs. Ann Deboma
Time of harvest; Time to awake... —Maria Regina Buendia
Sanctifying time; Time of refreshing... —Mr. Juan Gabriel Cardona
Time of refreshing; Time to grow... —Anna Cardona
Sanctifying time; Redeeming the time... —Mrs. Ofelia Limpoco-Magat
Time of trouble; Time of harvest... —Mrs. Miadely Perona
Time to grow; Time to awake... —Mrs. Vivian Hipe
Sanctifying time; Time to awake (seek the LORD)... —Eric Lloyd Perona
Sanctifying time; Time to grow... —Mrs. Edelmia Cardona

Questions from People, Answers from the Word of God

Sabbath Question & Answer Bible Study (video) - As people lean more toward indifference and doing “what is right in my own eyes,” believers need to, more than ever, edify and strengthen one another not with opinion but straight from the Word of God...

Brethren from Indang, Cavite

Sabbath Welcome for Brethren from Indang, Cavite (video) – On the Sabbath of October 23, we welcomed dear brethren from Indang, Cavite during a Sabbath Interactive Bible Study. Right on the spot each graciously drew a question lot, adding multifaceted replies to the robust Sabbath exchange where everything is measured up with Scripture. Brethren need to assemble with one another even more so now, when people are driven more and more apart...

“Be Not Afraid”

“Be Not Afraid” - We had all been looking forward to Gilbert and Ann Deboma and their three sons coming from Botolan, Zambales to visit. But days before their scheduled trip to Manila, all the beloved men in Ann’s family fell ill one after the other, volcanic dust restricting respiration, needing our prayers for their healing. Would they be able to make the journey? Watch how Stephen and Miguel respond at a moment’s notice on the Sabbath...


Is Prophecy Happening To You?

prophecy happens, what about you?Heartbreak warnings of what will happen while we continue to reason away the Law of the Almighty Eternal God have always been a part of the Creator's complete good news for His creation. Sadly, we beat each other on the head trying to calculate "when" specific events would take place, instead of why and how we can return to God with the whole heart. The topic Arnold Miguel gave for Interactive Bible Study on the Sabbath of May 24, 2008 was: "Select a current event or trend of events and search for the Scriptures in which it is prophesied to happen, and what are the implications for our future." What follows are voice excerpts (.mp3) from that study, including sound Scriptural reminders from our elders about what prophecy is, is Not, warnings & dangers of getting smug and stuck on events in prophecy and what to watch out for more than events:

Introduction to this Sabbath's Interactive Bible Study (322KB)

Sample Events/Trends selected:

Hurricane Katrina (695KB)

Same-Sex Marriage (457KB)

Wanting It Now (781KB)

Anything For Money (587KB)

Brutality For Love of Self (798 KB)

Ethnic Strife (666KB)

Insatiable Gambling (693 KB)

Wildfires (366 KB)

"Natural" Disasters (133 KB)

What Is The Headline Inside Your Own Heart? (1.1 MB)

Thirst For War (677 KB)

Suicide: Why Die Before Your Time? (719 KB)

Watch Yourself! Perilous Times Could Refer To You (1.1 MB)

Nation's Future Return To God (333 KB)

Tunay Na Kasiguruhan (385 KB)

Great Themes of the Bible




Opening Prayer:

Opening Hymns:
1. Safely Through Another Week, p. 174
2. The Spacious Firmament, p. 160
3. Come Thou Almighty King, p. 78

Intro: In our years of reading the Scriptures and even in our personal Bible study, we notice that throughout God’s written word certain and specific themes are repeatedly mentioned. And I believe that if one is diligent enough, he will discover hundreds, if not thousands of very consistent and reassuring themes—describing God’s attributes, His Character, and His work. In today’s Bible reading, we will be focusing on at least eight (8) of these “great themes” found in the Bible as we honor Him through His Holy words and praise Him through hymns and music…


The Bread and Wine

If for six days, daily toil grabs bits and pieces of us, on the seventh day we remember in Whom we need to be one, how to be truly parts of the whole...

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