Weekly Sabbath Assembly

Is Prophecy Happening To You?

prophecy happens, what about you?Heartbreak warnings of what will happen while we continue to reason away the Law of the Almighty Eternal God have always been a part of the Creator's complete good news for His creation. Sadly, we beat each other on the head trying to calculate "when" specific events would take place, instead of why and how we can return to God with the whole heart. The topic Arnold Miguel gave for Interactive Bible Study on the Sabbath of May 24, 2008 was: "Select a current event or trend of events and search for the Scriptures in which it is prophesied to happen, and what are the implications for our future." What follows are voice excerpts (.mp3) from that study, including sound Scriptural reminders from our elders about what prophecy is, is Not, warnings & dangers of getting smug and stuck on events in prophecy and what to watch out for more than events:

Introduction to this Sabbath's Interactive Bible Study (322KB)

Sample Events/Trends selected:

Hurricane Katrina (695KB)

Same-Sex Marriage (457KB)

Wanting It Now (781KB)

Anything For Money (587KB)

Brutality For Love of Self (798 KB)

Ethnic Strife (666KB)

Insatiable Gambling (693 KB)

Wildfires (366 KB)

"Natural" Disasters (133 KB)

What Is The Headline Inside Your Own Heart? (1.1 MB)

Thirst For War (677 KB)

Suicide: Why Die Before Your Time? (719 KB)

Watch Yourself! Perilous Times Could Refer To You (1.1 MB)

Nation's Future Return To God (333 KB)

Tunay Na Kasiguruhan (385 KB)

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