Family Events

Video Series: Wedding of Jon & Mia

“CHURCH WEDDING” -  Presenting the Bride and Groom before the Almighty Eternal GOD, and the spiritual family...

“WORKING ENTOURAGE” - The families themselves work together to prepare a gracious surprise for Juan Gabriel and Edelmia...

"CIVIL WEDDING RITES" - the mayor of Imus, Hon. Emmanuel Maliksi doesn't usually do weddings on a Monday, because it’s People's Day! Constituents come to be heard by their punong bayan, in a line that never ends! But on March 2, 2009, he graciously accommodated the families and witnesses of the Bride and Groom, despite the non-stop crowd outside the Municipal Hall, in an extraordinary thoughtful civil wedding ceremony that was far from the usual... Aba, hindi pala karaniwang civil wedding ito!

Just Married!

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Gabriel and Edelmia Cardona!

NOTE OF GRATITUDE, March 7, 2009, Sabbath:

The two families of Jesus & Priscilla Cardona and Elmer & Miadely Perona deeply express their gratitude and thanksgiving to GOD for blessing them the rare and precious privilege to have a ‘tender shoot’ branch out through the holy union of their children JUAN GABRIEL and EDELMIA. We truly are grateful to GOD for this new family in the church, and we thank you all, Brethren, for supporting the realization of this blessing with your prayers and your presence and participation at the wedding of Juan Gabriel and Mia.

We will need your continuing prayers for our Almighty God to direct and nurture this new family, and for one another, as we now begin a new phase in the story of Church of God Sharing Village, with the prospective office coming soon, as well as the arrival of the newborn son of Gilbert and Ann Deboma - SHADRACH JAMES DEBOMA!

May the LORD God, infinite in wisdom and mercy, continue to prosper us from within and from without, as we work and await His Kingdom.

Nutrition Day

If you were a child who grows up with tv images of orange powder morphing into juice, a whole chicken shrinking into a bouillion cube, flavor packets for instant noodles being hunted from the depths of the sea, it isn’t surprising that you can text or surf the cyber cloud but have no idea what real food is. Even vegetables have to be coated with msg-laden substances now. No wonder there were muted gasps of awe from the school audience when Ralph Hipe brought a basket with real vegetables (not just cutouts!) and real talent to represent the whole Grade IV level in his school’s “Search For Mr. and Ms. Nutrition,” July 25. Thus did this 10-year old, bred on his father and mother’s chicken tinola, remind everyone of what God created to be real food for children to grow up on...

Fresh Air in Zambales

harvesting radishes in Botolan, ZambalesRight after a bout with chicken pox that really hurt, 7-year old Arielle Hipe got on the bus with her family to her mother's ancestral home on the east coast of Zambales. What a breath of fresh air that was. And abundance of inspiration and ideas for sharing God's Word with their townmates. Do browse the album in the Village Gallery for more photos!

Analiz Miguel Chooses Life

Analiz singing husband Arnold’s composition with sons Earl, Seve, Asher“Wala akong ibang naiisip, parang iisang thought lang, nandun yung force sa loob na nararamdaman ko na eto na, ngayon na, hindi na pwede patagalin, ni hindi ko naiisip si Arnold, mga tao sa paligid...” was how Mrs. Analiz Miguel described the period she went through before asking to be baptized. She had been a youth leader in the one of the country’s largest religious blocs, but she left that to build a family with Arnold John Miguel. Shortly after, in 1999, with their sons Earl and Seve, and with the example of Arnold’s father Servillano Miguel, they continued in fellowship with then Church of God (Fellowship Manila), she found what it was like to open the Bible and learn directly from it, learn about life from it, see her destiny with her own eyes from it, experience great trials and deliverance and healing and correction, share God's word with her family and neighbors, and still does.

And so, in the early morning of October 21, 2007, with our elders performing the rites under a clear blue sky and bright sunshine (in what was a week of forecasted storms), the old Analiz was buried in the waters of baptism, and the newly-begotten daughter arose to begin her journey into God...

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