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Analiz Miguel Chooses Life

Analiz singing husband Arnold’s composition with sons Earl, Seve, Asher“Wala akong ibang naiisip, parang iisang thought lang, nandun yung force sa loob na nararamdaman ko na eto na, ngayon na, hindi na pwede patagalin, ni hindi ko naiisip si Arnold, mga tao sa paligid...” was how Mrs. Analiz Miguel described the period she went through before asking to be baptized. She had been a youth leader in the one of the country’s largest religious blocs, but she left that to build a family with Arnold John Miguel. Shortly after, in 1999, with their sons Earl and Seve, and with the example of Arnold’s father Servillano Miguel, they continued in fellowship with then Church of God (Fellowship Manila), she found what it was like to open the Bible and learn directly from it, learn about life from it, see her destiny with her own eyes from it, experience great trials and deliverance and healing and correction, share God's word with her family and neighbors, and still does.

And so, in the early morning of October 21, 2007, with our elders performing the rites under a clear blue sky and bright sunshine (in what was a week of forecasted storms), the old Analiz was buried in the waters of baptism, and the newly-begotten daughter arose to begin her journey into God...

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