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Just Married!

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Gabriel and Edelmia Cardona!

NOTE OF GRATITUDE, March 7, 2009, Sabbath:

The two families of Jesus & Priscilla Cardona and Elmer & Miadely Perona deeply express their gratitude and thanksgiving to GOD for blessing them the rare and precious privilege to have a ‘tender shoot’ branch out through the holy union of their children JUAN GABRIEL and EDELMIA. We truly are grateful to GOD for this new family in the church, and we thank you all, Brethren, for supporting the realization of this blessing with your prayers and your presence and participation at the wedding of Juan Gabriel and Mia.

We will need your continuing prayers for our Almighty God to direct and nurture this new family, and for one another, as we now begin a new phase in the story of Church of God Sharing Village, with the prospective office coming soon, as well as the arrival of the newborn son of Gilbert and Ann Deboma - SHADRACH JAMES DEBOMA!

May the LORD God, infinite in wisdom and mercy, continue to prosper us from within and from without, as we work and await His Kingdom.

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