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The Bread and Wine


The Church of God Sharing Village believes in the partaking of the “bread and wine” as Jesus Christ taught his early disciples and as we find its fulfillment through His life and examples. We have regularly partaken its emblem every first Sabbath of the month. And with the knowledge and value that it has benefited us over the years, we deemed it necessary to share our understanding. Click on the link to read The Bread and Wine

What is True Forgiveness?


Forgiveness is a rather complex subject in the Bible. There are many verses that discuss it from many points of view. It always involves at least one offender, who needs to seek forgiveness and be forgiven, and the offended, who, at the appropriate time, needs to forgive. Click on the link to read or download What is True Forgiveness?

Are You Prepared for the Return?


Suffice it to say that most of us, if we’re honest, have no idea when Christ will again set foot on this earth; we just know that he will. The point is: If Jesus came tonight, would you feel that you are in the kind of spiritual state he would want to find you in? Click on the title to read Are You Prepared for the Return?

A House Church


I can’t help wondering if some of us might do well to try a "house church" for a while. It might do us good to go where people break bread together and where good solid teaching is to be found. Click on the title/link to read ro download A House Church

What is a Christian?


In the days of the apostles, the term “Christian” was anything but complimentary. It was not the name by which believers referred to themselves. Nonetheless, the name stuck and it has become the name most commonly used for followers of Christ. Click on the link to read and for your study What is a Christian?

Who Should Prophesy?


How should one recognize a “prophet” from God today? Will we be able to recognize him? What is this thing called “prophecy” or “prophesying”? Should Christians prophesy today? Click on the link to read or download Who Should Prophesy?

How to Read Your Bible


Get that comfortable chair, sit down, open the Bible and read it. Read it often, read it carefully, stop and think about what it is you're reading. When you need it, the Bible will be there for you, but only if you read it often. Click on the link to read or download How to Read Your Bible

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