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Doing the Works of God

works of god

"Master," they asked Jesus, " who sinned, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?" The logic behind the question was simple. God's creation was perfect; so for a man to be born handicapped, something must have gone wrong. Jesus' disciples simply wanted to know what had gone wrong...Click on the link to read or download Doing the Works of God

What is the Great Commission?


Just before he ascended to heaven, Jesus gathered his disciples together one last time to give them his final instructions. What he told them to do after his departure, frequently referred to as the Great Commission, entails the most awesome yet humbling job God ever gave man to perform. The question is what is it? Click on the link to read or download What is the Great Commission?

Who Can Preach the Gospel?


Should Christians, in general, strive to preach the gospel or is it God's will that only a few special people do the job? Is the Great Commission Jesus gave just before he ascended to heaven (Matthew 28:18 - 20, Mark 16:15 - 18 and Luke 24:47) meant to be carried out ONLY by those who are 'ordained' or officially recognized by a denomination? How did the first century church spread the good news of God's kingdom? Click on the link to read/download Who Can Preach the Gospel?

Passover and the Lord's Supper--A Puzzle?


This booklet was written in the hope that it will open up one’s mind to the truth about the Passover. Before reading this booklet, we must leave out our prejudices and biases and just be honest with our study of God’s word. The attitude of humility is also much needed in order for us grow in grace and knowledge. Click on the link to read or download Passover and the Lord's Supper--A Puzzle?

Resolving the Passover Controversy


The Church of God has claimed for decades that its observance of the New Testament Passover is a continuation of the Old Testament Passover instituted in Egypt. Repeatedly, the statement has been made that Jesus merely changed the symbols of the roast lamb and bitter herbs into the symbols of the bread and wine. But are these things true? Click on the link to read Resolving the Passover Controversy

What is Spiritual Maturity?


Any of us long time Christians find ourselves victims of what appears to be arrested spiritual development. Despite the length of time we have been converted, we seem no farther ahead than when we first came to know Christ. We continue to throw temper tantrums and find it impossible to keep a lid on our anger...Click on the link to read or download What is Spiritual Maturity

Biblical Calendar Basics


Many Sabbath-keepers believe in keeping the annual holy days. The Bible gives a specific day of the month to observe most of these days, but how do we know when the month begins? Did the Jews preserve a sacred calendar given by God? If not, does the Bible explain a specific calendar? Can you fellowship with someone who uses a calendar different than yours? Click on the link/title to read or download Biblical Calendar Basics

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